Product development services

We combine our expertise in industrial design and mechanical engineering to produce complete product development services.

Our product development services range from designing quick product concepts to all the way up to production ramp-up.

With our help, you will free your resources to work with the core of your business, while still maintaining full control of the steps in the product development process. We will customize the most suitable service for your company and quantify the benefit from it.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee for all of our work!

Industrial design

Design picks the interest of the buyer and creates the user experience. In the best and worst case scenarios, the ultimate success of the product depends on the value added by design.

In addition to visual appearance, design is used to improve ergonomics and usability of the product. Technical features alone will not result in competitive advantage; the product is not differentiated from the competition without design. At the same time, a uniform visual image can be created using different products of the company, supporting the company image/brand.

Industrial design is included as an important part of our product development services.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is used to convert a client's idea into a physical product available for sale. The trademarks of successful mechanical engineering are cost-effective material and production solutions.

The mechanical engineering of a product with multiple technologies may either be developing a completely new or already existing product. Due to our diverse CAD expertise (Solidworks, Solid EdgeCatia, Vertex), we're able to design a product independently in-house or be included in a team at the client's site.

Our working practices include close and seamless cooperation with both our client and subcontractors.

3D modeling & visualization

Modeling and visualization is used to begin sales/marketing of products that have not yet been produced. We are able to visualize images or animations for you to use when illustrating a product idea both to other project team members or potential customers or investors. The use of visualized content in the sales and marketing materials of the final product is also fully possible using modern technology.

We have all of the necessary tools to produce refined commercial materials: SolidWorks, SolidWorks Visualize, 3ds Max and Adobe Creative Cloud.