Mechanical engineering for Paulig Muki

Paulig Group

“Our needs were understood well and the communication
between us was easy and effective. Elmo Design’s flexible
approach and strong experience in challenging engineering
tasks played a vital role in getting the new and innovative
product launched to the consumers.”

Erica Liewendahl
Strategy Development Manager
Paulig Group

Instrument panel of Garia Golf

Technion Oy/Valmet Automotive Oy/Garia A/S

Garia is a privately held company, with its headquarters in Denmark and a subsidiary in the U.S. The instrument panel of the Garia golf car was to designed and produced well, as the vehicle represents the top-of-the-line of golf cars. The instrument panel is to be able to withstand both blazing sun and heavy rain. The high quality is to be apparent particularly in the surface quality of the materials. Therefore, no casting or painting deficiencies were allowed in the components.

Elmo Design Oy designed all of the mechanics for the instrument panel and also participated in defining the space allocations for electronics. The designer also played an important part through communication with tool and part manufacturers, in addition to final assembly. The successfully designed instrument panel can be seen in the Garia golf cars used by players who appreciate quality throughout the world.

NPM3 payment ATM

DHR Finland Gilbarco-Autotank Oy

Gilbarco Autotank is the market leader in the Nordics for fuel distribution technology and payment systems. The company also has solid sales channels into Eastern Europe. It is a part of the Gilbarco Veeder-Root Group.

The goal of the project was develop more stylish, ergonomic, and lower-cost payment ATMs accepting cash and credit cards. The work was started by defining the features and the client’s special requirements for the device in cooperation with the client. Being watertight, corrosion resistant, temperature variance tolerance, serviceability and secure locking mechanisms were features that also had to be considered.

Elmo Design Oy completely redesigned the payment ATM, while still utilizing previously designed components. The client used the following Elmo Design Oy services in the project: design with ergonomics reviews, mechanical design and project management. A very important phase of project management included providing instructions for the prototype runs and material sourcing. The complete ATM has less components than before and production suitability was improved using robotics, for example. Our workmanship can now be seen at nearly all gas stations.

KeepLoop Microscope

KeepLoop Oy

KeepLoop Oy is a technology company that focuses on the development of optoelectronic products for cell phones and other mobile devices.

The KeepLoop microscope is used to enlarge and save images captured by cameras in cell phones, tablets, or laptops.

The product design is based on next-generation lens technology, compact product design, and customizable additional features. The saved image can, for example, be easily sent to a recipient using a cell phone. Examples of applications may include reviewing graphics print quality or validating authenticity.

Elmo Design Oy was responsible for the mechanical design of the product. Upon design, it was crucial to manage the dimensions of the small components in a manner where they could be injection molded in mass production. The precision required for the lens set challenges for both mechanical design and manufacturing, which could not have been successful without close cooperation with the client, design, manufacturer and material suppliers.

eLogger control unit

Technion Oy

Technion Oy specializes in the design and production of electronic control systems of harvesters and vehicles.

The eLogger control terminal is used to control the functions of the felling head of a harvester. The most important features of the product are usability, temperature variance tolerance, vibration tolerance and being water tight.

Elmo Design Oy handled the industrial design, mechanical design and project management for the product. CNC machining was selected as the production method, as it facilitated the production of the demanding two-sided curved shape of the components. The enclosure had to be completely watertight, so the product had to be tested in a pool of water several times.

Due to our comprehensive service solutions, the client was able to focus on marketing the product and innovating other new products.

Thermal-Insulated Electrical Enclosure

Laukamo Teollisuus Oy

Laukamo is a multi-industry company, located in Somero, which manufactures plastic and sheet metal products. The idea for designing a thermally insulated electrical enclosure began with messages received by our client from the telecommunications network market. Telephone companies had the need to combine an increasing number of broadband terminals, which also require their own power sources.

It was necessary to remove the excess heat generated by the equipment from the enclosure, while still preventing the enclosure’s temperature from falling too low. Therefore, an air source heat pump and blowers needed to be installed in the enclosure and it had to be well-insulated. The insulated electrical enclosures can be seen along roads in the midst of nature.

Cell phone charger

Salcomp Oy

Salcomp Oy develops and manufacturers chargers for cell phones and other electronic devices. Salcomp is the market leader for chargers for cell phones and its primary customers include the largest cell phone manufacturers.

Large unit quantities are typical for producing cell phone chargers, so DFMA in product design is vital. The schedules for charger product development projects are very challenging, so the turnaround time for the design work must be quick.

The design work was completed in close cooperation with the client. Of our services, design and mechanical design were used. During mechanical design, tolerance analyses and quality control were weighted heavily, for example.

Our client appreciates our industry knowledge and our immediate communication and flexibility with changes, in particular. Examples of chargers we have designed can be seen in the product packaging of numerous cell phones.

Virtual Terminal

Parker Hannifin Oy

Parker Hannifin is a global leader in motion and motion control technology and systems and produces precision mechanics for numerous traffic, manufacturing and aviation markets.

The Virtual Terminal is used to control the equipment of harvesters. Extremely high strength, airtightness, and temperature tolerance requirements were set for the product. Sealing connections and designing the usability of switches were particularly challenging. One must be able to use the product wearing gloves in varying conditions.

Elmo Design Oy designed the mechanics of the entire device, which consists of both plastic and sheet metal components. The challenges caused by heat transfer were also successfully addressed in the design work.