KeepLoop Microscope

KeepLoop Oy

KeepLoop Oy is a technology company that focuses on the development of optoelectronic products for cell phones and other mobile devices.

The KeepLoop microscope is used to enlarge and save images captured by cameras in cell phones, tablets, or laptops.

The product design is based on next-generation lens technology, compact product design, and customizable additional features. The saved image can, for example, be easily sent to a recipient using a cell phone. Examples of applications may include reviewing graphics print quality or validating authenticity.

Elmo Design Oy was responsible for the mechanical design of the product. Upon design, it was crucial to manage the dimensions of the small components in a manner where they could be injection molded in mass production. The precision required for the lens set challenges for both mechanical design and manufacturing, which could not have been successful without close cooperation with the client, design, manufacturer and material suppliers.